Powerful Voice Against Abuse

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Eminem summing up the last 8 years of my life....
I'm tired of not talking about it - maybe if more people talked about it I wouldn't of thought it was normal and would have done something sooner.
I'm here to tell you walking on egg shells in your own home because you don't know what version of the person you're living with you're going to get that day is NOT normal. 
Any kind of harm done to you physically is NOT normal EVER! 
Not being able to hang out with friends is NOT normal. 
Apologizing for their viscous behavior as if it's your fault is NOT FUCKING NORMAL!!!!!!!! And this one I really need to be whacked over the head with - if he leaves you at the fucking alter see that as a blessing in disguise. HELLO Whitney anybody home!!!!! Not normal not ok!!!!! I'm done covering up and protecting my predator - FUCK THAT! 
I'm a strong ass, smart woman and if I can be manipulated and controlled for so long I know there must be so many other crushed souls out there too - my heart breaks for you... for us...💔
Let's end this fucking cycle! 
I want you to know that life doesn't have to be this way, you are not stuck, you have options, you are amazing and can do amazing things. Its not easy! It's hard as fuck, but nothing is worth your soul being sucked out of you. You are not alone. 
I see you and you're going to be OK!