John Walker (Athlete)

Bullying!!! Racism!!! Gang Violence, Sickness, Disease, Suffering, Oppression, Profiling, Bigotry....and the list goes on and on and on!  In the early 1990's being a Black Kid, growing up in Los Angeles County during the peak of the Gangster Rap generation was literally like living in a urban war zone! I've been shot at, jumped, stabbed, threatened and hospitalized from senseless violence! I have never been a supporter of destructive gang activity or gang Violence but I have a unique history of being tormented and terrorized by some of the gang affiliated people from the neighborhoods surrounding me! I've been targeted and profiled just because of my physical features.... had friends murdered and loved ones lost to the gang life culture! I Believe it is only because of God's Amazing Love, Grace, and Mercy why I'm even able to share this part of my past with you today! We are surrounded by "UGLY" ugliness is not a physical trait or characteristic.... Ugly is the behavior, personality or attitude of an individual. It may also be the pain, hurt, suffering, Struggles, or trauma that plague our fallen world. I'm doing my part to create a collective voice to stand up for and support what's Right, what's Peaceful and what's Pleasant in our world. I DON'T DO UGLY.... do you!?!?