💖 Hulk 💖Barbie 💖 (Body Shamed)

Bullying, body shaming, putting anyone down for any reason is wrong. As a child I was bullied for being too fat. I was called whale when I wore a swimsuit. Name calling was a daily thing. I starved myself to be thin. I lost weight and became a model but I wasn't happy. I put others down and made fun of anyone who was like the old me. I was ugly because I wanted to fit in. I thought because I had been fat it gave me the right to shame others. (Young and stupid) As I got older I gained weight again after having two kids (Karma?) and voices from my past came back again. I was ugly. I was fat. I couldn't see past the number on the scale. This time I lost the weight the healthy way! (YAY) but was once again dealing with bullies. Now I was "too thin". I was told I looked "unhealthy and sick". I started lifting weights and once again was met with negativity. "Don't get too big", "your going to look like a man". Today I've learned that no matter what size I am someone will always have something bad to say. This is why I don't believe in body shaming. We are all people with feelings and all of us deserves to be happy with who we are no matter what size we are. Nobody is perfect. Just because a woman chooses to have more curves does mean she is ugly or that she deserves to be put down. Just because a woman chooses to lift weights doesn't mean she is going to look like a man. If your a woman and your trying to become healthier I want to lift you up! I want to say you go girl! I want to hug you and tell you I understand what your going through. If your an over weight girl and your happy with who you are I want to high five you and tell you to keep doin you! Don't let anyone bully you. Your beautiful! Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. 💖💖💖I don't do ugly! Do you? #idontdougly #nobodyshaming #strongnotskinny #nobullying #challengeaccepted #doyou #apinchlife #iamnotsociety   
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