Hip Hop Legend


I don't do ugly Is my state a mind

These are desperate time /though future undefined

To bring a new since of purpose /on this surface

agape I say is where the work is

And your wage won't be paid in dollar and cents

But showing compassion and love and using common sense

Sometimes our perception of life's gets a little slanted

In our daily grind we take our blessing for granted

What if you believed someone else had it worst then you.

What if you realized it was actually true!

For the most part it is, we got to change the way we live

We got to Stop taking more then we give

Re-evaluate, reprogram, reset

How can you move forward if you’re living in regret

My minds on love so hate cant disrupt me

So I do good/ I don't do ugly

Respect my choice/ Don't be grudge me

I ain't perfect but I don't do ugly