Model's Lifestyle

We all go through ugly times! But as Miley so eloquently sings "there's always gonna be another mountain.. I'm always gonna wanna make it move!" ⛰💥⚡️ This is my protest against my ugly period of time. I used to drink more tequila than water. I used to put socializing before my health. For many reasons, I decided to stop drinking for a week. Look at me now! I feel so great sticking to a regimented fitness and diet routine to think more clearly and creatively, and also to get ready for Fashion Week~ I'm going a month sober! Now to overcome the ugly of the results of the changes within my body and mind! 💪🏻☝🏻️😼 #idontdougly @i_dont_do_ugly #soberissexy #changes #sorrydad #processing #progression #motivation #tagyoureit