Hip Hop Legend

  I don't do ugly Is my state a mind These are desperate time /though future undefined To bring a new since of purpose /on this surface agape I say is where the work is And your wage won't be paid in dollar and cents But showing compassion and love and using common sense Sometimes our perception of life's gets a little slanted In our daily grind we take our blessing for granted What if you believed someone else had it worst then you. What if you realized it was actually true! For the most part it is, we got to change the way we live We got to Stop taking more then we give Re-evaluate, reprogram, reset How can you...

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Street FreeStyle

The Voice On The Street  Rising Up To Let  Others Know I DON'T DO UGLY Is About Being Real  Not Showing Ugliness  Unto Others... 

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My life was dramatically impacted by breast cancer and misfortune. At 14, I lost my charismatic father, Herbert and my best friend & beloved sister, Jacqueline 18, in a tragic automobile accident. Shortly after my moms, Linda B. Pinchoff, the individual who inspired all with her courageous life-affirming approach to living life to fullest no matter what, lost her own battle with breast cancer when Jason was only 18. This is part of my story. My journey to never allowing the ugliness life throws on one soul to ever affect my positive and passion to shine in there names!!! #blessed #giftandthecurse

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A Moment For Mom ❤️

Today is a special day for me; a day I give tribute to my 👼🏼 Three years ago today, we lost our mother to breast cancer. Her tremendous grace, strength, courage and love filled everyone's ❤️ who had the opportunity to know her.  Although 3 years have passed, her flame still shines bright. On that day and everyday after I made a vow to celebrate her life and say thank you every day for having her as a mother. For her, I  Am. Truly. Blessed.  For my dear friend Theresa. I love you to end of the world. YOU got this!  And I am there for you every step of the way.  Lastly, a huge shout out to Jason. Your...

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